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Bring on the Barbecue


Bring on the Barbecue

Winemaking takes a lot of equipment – pumps, presses, tanks – the list goes on. But perhaps the most important piece of equipment that we have is our barbecue. That’s right, our barbecue. Nothing brings our production team together like a hot and salty piece of carne asada straight from the grill.

Once a month on a Friday, our crew gathers together for a potluck lunch of carne asada with all the fixins’. Everybody contributes to the community meal. We have beans and rice with homemade salsa and grilled peppers. There’s queso, onion and cilantro to sprinkle on top, chips and guacamole for snacking and giant chocolate chip cookies to finish the meal. And, of course, there’s the pièce de résistance: the thinly sliced and perfectly seasoned pieces of asada that we pull apart and eat with hot tortillas.

As we all sit around our lunch table, stuffing ourselves silly and cracking jokes, I can’t help but be grateful to be a part of this team. The simple act of sitting down to share a meal brings our crew together and makes it stronger. Because when the going gets tough (and it sometimes does), it’s a lot easier to work through it together as a team. Who knew a barbeque could do that much?!

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