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Far Niente at Winter: A Great Time to Visit


With the winter garden at rest, the naked architecture of the woodlands sets the scene as time appears to stand still. The mighty Black Oak towers in the sky next to the Carriage House. The majestic Valley Oaks feel right at home dotting the woodland gardens. At their feet, dogwoods, magnolias and maples wait for that little glimpse of spring to tickle their branches and awaken the growing season. The long shadows have begun to lift ever so slowly as the days become longer, bringing light and new beginnings.

Far Niente Black Oak

A Black Oak near the Far Niente Carriage House

Not just yet, I say. Winter is here to stay if only for a few more full moons. This is a time to enjoy the emptiness and simplicity of nature’s scaffolding and natural architecture. In time, will we be blessed with a new canopy of texture and many beautiful flowers, as if a flight of butterflies have suddenly burst into a visual symphony. Here at Far Niente, the magic is year-round…

Japanese Maple at Far Niente

Our lovely Japaense Maple

The winter months are a lovely time to visit. Call ahead for an appointment: (707) 944-2861.

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