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Our Favorite Wine and Food Pairing of the Season.


Last month, Far Niente wine educator and classically trained pastry chef, Rory Kandel, created this fresh take on classic chicken liver mousse. Served alongside Dolce in the glass, this just may be our favorite wine and food pairing of the season. We love how each and every person here at Far Niente and Dolce brings her (or his) unique talents and passion for wine and food to our wine education and hospitality team. Chill and serve all winter long. Chicken Liver Mousse with Dolce Gelée Mousse 1 lb chicken livers, rinsed and cleaned of sinew 3 T shallots, chopped 2 T butter 1/3 cup marsala or cognac Salt and pepper, to taste 4 T melted butter 1/4 cup heavy cream 1 tsp fresh thyme, chopped 1/4 t allspice 1/8 t white pepper - Clean and dry livers. - Sauté shallots and livers in 2T butter. Season with salt and pepper and cook just until the livers lose their pink hue (about 4 minutes). - Add liver and shallots to a blender and discard liquid remaining in the sauté pan. - Return pan to stove and add marsala over medium heat; reduce to three tablespoons. - Add reduced marsala, cream, spices and thyme to the blender and blend until completely smooth. Slowly add melted butter with blender on high. - When all butter is incorporated, taste and adjust seasonings. The mousse should be well seasoned before chilling. - Pass mousse through a fine mesh sieve and place in ramekins. Chill thoroughly before making the gelée. Gelée 1/2 teaspoon powdered gelatin 1/4 c cold water 1T sugar 1/3 c Dolce -Sprinkle gelatin over cold water and let bloom for 10 minutes -Place in microwave and heat 10-20 seconds until liquified -Add sugar and Dolce, stir until dissolved -When mousse is well chilled, pour a thin layer of gelée over the top and set a sprig of thyme in the center. -Chill until set and enjoy! For more Dolce wine and food pairing ideas, check out our recipes here. To discover and taste the newest release, click here.

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